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Best New Artist

It’s simple: no overthinking, just letting the pen freely illustrate the story.

Born in Taipei in 1985, Ahn Zhe currently works in his own studio. His work includes graphic design, illustration and storyboard design, but what he enjoys the most is art, drawing and writing. He dedicates most of his spare time in creative work, searching for newperspectives. Ahn Zhe hopes to awaken people’s sensitivity to beauty through common lessons in life that are often easily overlooked.

He’s inspired by old films and vinyl records, and loves anything retro. Things before
his time fascinate him, and his explores the glory days with child-like curiosity.

Ahn Zhe’s work is usually strongly experimental. His passion for historical elements can be seen in all of his work, be it a frame of an old film, lyrics from an old song, a tattered piece of furniture from WWII, or the people and places in the city that have been left behind in the advances of technologies. “I don’t like my work to look too neat, like it lacks feelings,” said Ahn Zhe, an old soul behind that young face, of his creative style between traditions and innovation.

Ahn Zhe plans to continue his experimental style. He believes his city, Taipei, has special elements, a dramatic atmosphere, where there are stories waiting to be told. Starting from home, he aspires to illustrate moving stories from his roots. And it’s this sense of mission and old soul that have earn him many international awards and accolades: his zero-dialogue comic has won out over 400 other contestants from around the world, and been selected as top 20 Best New Artist at 2013’s Angoulême International Comic Festival.



Born in Hsinchu, 1962, Ah Tui is a very valued, experienced comic artist from Taiwan. he is an independent comic artist, ART TOY designer illustrator, and street style observer. He works with many mediums other than comics. His work focuses on science fiction comics, Western style with unique, sophisticated illustration. His work is known for hidden codes and symbols, and popular with puzzle and detective story fans.

Ah Tui published his first book The Symbol of Taichi in October, 1985, and has since published over 20 books. His well known early works include Nine Lives Man (1985), with his signature sophisticated style and European BD comic art, which won applause in France. Balezo (1995) was the first comic to take on the European market, serialized by Kameha. Promised Island 1-3 (1998-1999) was launched in Italy in 2005, by Per Questa Edizione BD, making him the first Taiwanese to be featured in Italian magazine. In 2012, Nine Lives Man and New Paradise were published in Singapore and Malaysia in Simplified Chinese. 

He was invited by the Government Information Office in January, 2012 to participate in Angoulême International Comics Festival’s Taiwan Exhibition. In August, he was hired by Shih Chien University’s Media and Communication Department as assistant professor. In October, Ah Tui became the first comic artist to be invited for solo exhibition in both Grabel’s New Mangakas Festival and Chamery’s International Comics Festival.

Ah Tui has put Taiwan on the comics world map, and has become comics ambassador between Taiwan and France. Ah Tui is the first Taiwanese artist to have a solo exhibit at an international comic festival.