Born in Taichung, 1986. Currently has a studio in Taipei. M2 worked as a 2D/3D animator and a high school art teacher before she became a comic artist. She is now in graduate school, studying animation.

M2 admires Quentin Taratino, Christopher Nolan, Koki Mitani and Takashi Miike. Their impeccable visuals styles in storytelling have been very inspireing to M2. She used to draw storyboards for animations, and was fascinated with translating words into video.

M2’s stories are often about social issues, inspired by current news or historical events, interpreted in her perspective. She chose to create Memoirs of Xing Da in comic books because she feels that it’s an appropriate artistic presentation. She worked with screenwriter Ming Yuping recreated the single comics with that idea in mind, and came out with something that’s much closer to what they had in mind than the former version: based on a Ching Dynasty event, the book reflects the social status and atmosphere of the time. Contrasted with modern day challenges of the 3 lead characters, show how human nature and values lead to conflict and tragedy in different times. Memoirs of Xing Da embodies the sophisticated structure and grounded storytelling of literature, and brings forth social criticism into mainstream comic market. Memoirs of Xing Da opens a new chapter in Taiwanese comics.