Born in Taipei in 1982. Chiyou has been a dedicated illustrator. Worked as a 2D animator for a video game company and was responsible for designing characters for the games. Chiyou believes that drawing comics is about telling a story in appropriate methods. So he uses various techniques in his work, sometimes using heavy, ink like stokers, sometimes with translucent watercolors. He believes comics are like still movies, and as artist/director, he must let the audience experience the story and communicate with them.

Trained in life sketching in art school, Chiyou mostly creates images of women. He believes the most beautiful lines are found on the female form, from fingers to a stray hair, or the shape of their eyes… Women’s million faces serve as inspiration in his illustrations, often using the female silhouette in architecture, birds, and animals.

Chiyou’s recent work has been inspired by nature. He believes natural life cycles and resents industrial pollution. His new work, The 3/4 Waterland was about the extinction of intertidal animals and coral bleaching. He believes that we should learn from nature, that human beings are merely a representation and a part of nature. However, self-righteously thinking that we can conquer nature has brought on disasters. He preaches that people should learn from nature’s humility and continues to work with a humble attitude.