Hsien-Tsung Chou

Hsien-Tsung Chou, born in 1962, has been a prolific artist with the Ching Win Publishing Co., Ltd for over 30 years, producing more than 50 books. He creates his books to become fun, educational reading material, and has built a huge following for his great work. Origami Fighter series was an innovative work to bring elements of origami into comic books, so that children can learn to create origami while reading fun cartoons. Chou has continue on the same trend with Star Voyager Legend. serialized on Coro-coro, bringing his comic book classroom to the galaxy.

The Origami Fight series started in 1990. It is wildly popular in Korea, and has been published in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. Origami Fighter and Origami Fighter G have sold over a million copies in Taiwan, and Origami Fighter X was published in February 2009. This series has won numerous series, and was the first children’s comic book to be animated.Origami Fighter cartoon was a six million U.S. dollar project, funded by the Korean groups such including Gang Won, and broadcast on SBS, Korea’s largest TV station. The project is produced by an international group, which includes: SBS from Korea, Animation International from Hong Kong, and WIZ, a Japanese animation company. The team adapted and simplified the complex character relationships and storyline, and produced 52 episodes. The TV series was hugely popular during its run in Korea and Taiwan.