Nicky Lee

Born in Yilan, 1973 and currently resides in Taipei, Lee has always had a passion for drawing comics. She submitted her work to a comics magazine per a friend’s encouragement, and thus began her career as a comic artist. Her stories feature strong and engaging themes such as rock music or fashion, with her own sensitive perspective; her characters are vibrant, charismatic and down to earth. The readers easily immerse into the world of her creation, laughing and crying with the characters.

Unlike most seen in youth romance comics, her style is with semi-realistic and elaborate illustrations narrating enviable life stories. She’s had a prolific career, and has experimented with many different techniques, incorporating lots of fashionable elements. In the future, she wishes to produce more moving stories that will touch the readers with her stories while continuously improving her work.

Lee’s work has been published in Thailand, Vietnam, Russia and China, where she held her personal autograph session in Shanghai. She has always worked outside of comic magazines, creating short series for Taiwan’s Apple Daily newspaper. Lee has also designed products including notebooks, postcard and illustration books. She attended the Festival of Comics in Chambery, France as the Taiwan representative, and has attracted fans and attention from all over the world.