Min-Xuan Lin

Born in Taiyuang, 1978. Currently resides in Taipei City. Min-Xuan Lin’s all about being creative and fun in her art. She prefers simple narrative style and pleasant images that readers can accept and understand, even incorporate into their lives.

Lin’s future youth
romance work will include unique elements that she has yet to explore, such as realistic portrayals of life’s challenges and frustrations, things that will speak to readers. Aside from comics, Lin also illustrates novels and design covers, and she’s dedicated to training future talents in youth comics. She currently teaches a class at SOGO department store’s culture classroom.

Her work My Dear Princess began serializing in Sweet magazine. It’s a Taiwanese youth romance comic based entirely on fried chicken, which became hugely popular, winning many awards. My Dear Princess has won Best New Artist, Honorable Mention for National Institute of Compilation and Translation Outstanding Comics Award. In 2010 it won Taiwan’s 1st Annual Golden Comics Award for Best Comics of the Year and Best Young Woman Comic. In 2011 Lin was a spokesperson for the Golden Comics Awards, and was featured in an ad campaign. 
In 2011 she was nominated as part of the Taiwanese representation group for Chambery, and hosted an autograph session in France. During her trip to France, she also attended forums and interacted with local comic artists. In 2012, one of her works, My Dear Prince was nominated for China’s 9th Golden Dragon Award for Best Young Woman Comics.